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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie download.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Movie
Also Known As: Journey 2
Actors: Dwayne Johnson - Hank/Kyle
Michael Caine - Alexander Anderson
Josh Hutcherson - Sean Anderson/ Sean
Luis Guzman - Gabato
Vanessa Hudgens - Kailani
Kristin Davis - Liz/ Liz Anderson
Anna Colwell - Jessica
Stephen Caudill - Cop
Branscombe Richmond - Tour Guide
Genres: Action
Release Date: February 10, 2012
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Run Time: 1 hour 34 minutes
Director(s): Brad Peyton
Writers: Brian Gunn (II)
Mark Gunn (II)
Richard Outten
Producers: Beau Flynn
Tripp Vinson
Charlotte Huggins
Produced in: United States

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Story Line

Plot Summary:

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the mysterious sequel of the famous adventure film Journey to the Center of the Earth is going to amaze the viewers on February 10, 2012 claimed by the world film critics to be the best 3D adventurous action movie of 2012. The action of this mystery takes place on the nonexistent island inhabited by monstrous creatures and stuffed with gold treasures. A seventeen year old guy Sean Anderson receives a coded signal from a place in the Pacific Ocean nobody knows about or has ever been to. The guy is followed by his stepfather and his daughter to find an island of astonishing beauty, monstrous creatures and unbelievable treasures. Their aim is to find a sole human who has sent the signal and rescue him before the island will disappear in the enigmatic ocean depth. The island should reveal the main and most important secret to Sean Anderson considering the mystic disappearance of his grandfather Alexander, an ambitious traveler lost in the journey long long ago.
The film is a promising production of a Contrafilm and New Line Cinema presentation, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. The plot of the movie has as its basis famous works of classical adventurous literature: Treasure Island by R.L.Stevenson, Gulliver’s Travels by J. Swift and Mysterious Island by J.Verne.
However the plot of the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is rather simple, the film has many advantages of quality scenes and amazing action to attract the attention of fancy viewers. The film hay yet got the highest ratings of viewers. The upcoming first night will put everything into perspective!

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